Friday, 13 February 2015


Sometimes an item of clothing will come into my life and I don't understand how I lived without it- this Voodoo Vixen Kitty dress is such an item. 

This is the dress I picked for London Edge with Voodoo Vixen and I'm so glad I did- I had been lusting after it for months.  

Dress c/o Voodoo Vixen (similar here and here)
Petticoat: Hell Bunny (similar here and here)
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Pip Jolley

As soon as it went on my body it was love- I'm so glad I finally own a Voodoo Vixen dress after loving their cardigans for so long. I only with my student budget stretched for a few more.

It's so awesome- I've been in a pink theme lately and the retro futuristic swirls are awesome. The fit is pretty perfect too a little baggy around the waist but accurate to the size guide- and with the belt fits great.

What surprised me was the quality if the material- I own a few repro clothes and this dress far outclassed it. The material is so think and stitched really well (I've noticed another brands dress is fraying quickly) and the print isn't going anywhere even after a hot wash (like other brands prints). I'm not alone, at London Edge it's all we talked about for over an hour.

I've worn it a handful of tines already and I know it's going to become my go to dress. Dressed down or dressed up paired with victory rolls and pin roll jewellery.
Jodie x 
P.S. hope you enjoyed my little doggy photographer- Dylan has become really interested in people taking photos lately. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015


So I think I have just about recovered from my busy weekend, hectic uni day and work to finally blog again. I really can't complain as the weekend was awesome- after the Harry potter tour on Saturday on Sunday I was invited to attend London Edge by Voodoo Vixen. 

My undying love for Voodoo Vixen is pretty evident so me, April and Tammy arrived as early as we possibly could to the Olympia and where the first there. Nick and the rest of the Voodoo Vixen team where super welcoming and we quickly got changed (dear God my Kitty dress is amazing-a glowing review coming soon) and April and Tammy sat down for a makeover. 

I'm a bit iffy about my hair and with sensitive skin I don't do makeovers but I wish I had taken up the offer- the hair created was stunning! I was a mix of jealous and inspired. I loved seeing how everyone styled their look- everyone was so different considering at least 4 other people (including Tammy) had the same dress on as me- it might have been pairing it with my (obviously) Voodoo Vixen cardigan.

(Photo taken by April

London Edge had organised a talk from the Queen of Wedding Bloggers Kat from Rock n Roll Bride, which was a nice informal chat about her life as blogger, headmistress, magazine writer and she came off as such a sweetheart (which is exactly how I imagined her).

The majority of our day was spent looking around at what all the traders had to offer to wholesalers- a little bit out of my student budget but seeing what's coming just ended up as a photographic wish list. 

Seeing the new shades from Crazy Color nearly gave me Tammy and April heart attacks as they where so beautiful! 

Banned is a brand I've been aware of for a while but never really caught my eye- seeing them at London Edge I couldn't remember why. Not only have they created my all time most lusted after prints (the pink pina collars one) but have you ever seen such cute bags?

Voodoo Vixen was obviously my favourite stall to visit, seeing this awesome Hawaiian print before it hit the site was a dream come true, plus I got to check out my favourite prints in person (that are soon to be available in Plus size) and for me April and Tammy Ronald swoon over the Katnis dress (green cats FTW).

In terms of quality (and this is just my opinion) Voodoo Vixen seem to be offering the most for price, the thickness and texture of materials used are amazing. 

I've been following Le Keux Cosmetics on Instagram for a while, and I knew they where at Edge so I needed to check out the vintage inspired makeup first hand. I cannot wait fir payday as I think I've found my new eye liner :) 

Iron fist are the best shoes around and their spring 2015 collection looks like it won't disappoint...

... and Manic Panic looked fantastic (and the girls where beyond kind and chatty).

Sourpuss really impressed my from not only their range of products (from dresses, to home wear) but their range of prints. I feel like after visiting then I want to become a kitchen goddess just so I can justify an apron...

... or a gold glitter clutch bag.

Sensationelle is a brand I adored! ...

... as did Gobbolino- both one women entrepreneurs.

The only downside to the whole day was it was so much fun we were a little to exhausted to stay for the entire after party :( 

(Photo taken by April
Jodie x 

Thursday, 29 January 2015


 Monroe Jeans: Collectif (similar here
Trainers: Converse 
Belt: New Look
Tee: Nicky Rockets (similar here and here)

Check me out I'm wearing jeans!! After throwing all mine out after years of discomfort I bought the perfect jeans. I can't stand any thing other that high waisted bottoms now (they're just too uncomfortable) so after much searching Chris bought me these Monroe jeans from Collectif (a size smaller than my usual size if anyone is wondering about fit).

It's strange how much confidence a super high waist - that ACTUALLY are on my natural waist- these jeans have given me. I can't recommend them enough (to pretty much everyone I meet who emotions jeans). I have the occasional pocket malfunction (so jot used to making sure they're still inside not being used to pockets) but overall they're perfect. 

Never in my life have I worn straight legged jeans. Skinny jeans where my staple during my teenage punk years- I was so unsure of these,but I'm glad I've given them a go. They're nit everyone a cup of tea but they're comfortable, go with everything and I live the emphasis on my hips. Hello hourglass figure.

There's no way I can hide my massive absence any more. Things have massively engulfed me- and I feel it's all down to being organised. I've missed the blogging community so much that I've decided to sit down and properly plan blogging and university. Things will improve so thank you to everyone whose stuck with me these last few months.

Jodie x 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen (similar here and here)
Skirt: Daisy Street 
Belt: Primark
Headscarf: Thrifted

After clearing out NY wardrobe this weekend I uncovered this tiger pencil skirt and HAD to wear it. Other than when I'm at work, I seem to be living in pencil skirts at the moment- I'm almost starting to feel sorry for my full skirts and dresses. It's a bit shorter than my other skirts and I can't decide if that's a good thing or not. 

On a plus- after reading this post by Miss Victory Violet about pin up posing I've attempted to up my game- say hello to dramatic shoulder popping :) I wish the light was better in these photos as there where a few diamonds which wasn't too clear :( it's been overall very tricky re: outfit posts- uni wise is still super busy that the rare times I see Chris were too busy to take photos until it's getting dark- if anyone has night time photo tips please share :) 
Jodie x 
P.s. I promise I do wash this cardigan- I just love it so much I wear it as much as possible ;).

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Skirt: River Island (similar here and here)
Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen
Vest and stockings: Primark
Loafers: Topshop
Glasses: London Retro
Snood: eBay

Despite being ill this weekend I think I scrubbed up nicely. There's something easy about wearing a pencil skirt- they're just so simple to pair with and less cumbersome than a full skirt and petticoat. Throw on a cardigan (like my favourite from Voodoo Vixen) and its an easy go to look. Plus back seem stockings! Seriously felt like a million dollars so was dragging myself out however sick I was. 

Feeling like my head was going to explode meant I had no effort to style my hair, so this weekend was the perfect time to try out my new snood- I can see this coming out a lot. It took me two minutes to style my bangs. 
Jodie x 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I've been absent for a few weeks but my productivity in my personal life is huge. Last year I concluded with my favourite outfits, so carrying on with the theme I though I would do it this year too. It's nice to look back and see how I've changed. 

This year has been so busy- working to get into uni took up the beginning of my year, and uni its self has occupied the second half. 

At the beginning of the year my pin up looks was mostly created by my hair- I rolled my fringe st least once a week. I got my legs out a lot. In March I bought my first ever dress from Collectif Clothing (swoon) and have up the grunge look for good. My wardrobe still hadn't grown to a comfortable level (need more clothes)  but I like where it started.

Petticoat became my favourite things in the whole world- I don't wear a dress without them. The first half of the year saw then end of getting my legs out preferring mid length dresses and skirts.

Petticoat and heat do NOT mix so I tried out dresses without and for the first time in my life I tried capris. They're seriously the best thing ever!! September ended up being the beating of the year, I went to Plus North, LFW, Collectifs 100 Dresses, and was approached to collaborate with a few brands. Blogging was going well but the icing on the cake was starting uni. 

Uni ended up taking up all of my time (I'm not moaning) so blogging tool a hit from October. Pencil skirts and wiggle dresses became the better option (they're easier to wear) and I started waist training. My priorities changed and as did my style

It's nice to see how my style has evolved- and how I've embraced colour and increased my love of pin up. It's defiantly something that will be continued. Plus I'm determined to make more time for blogging in general.

What where your favourite outfits this year?
Jodie x

Friday, 12 December 2014


Dress: Collectif (siimilar here and here)
Coat: New Look
Velvet scarf: Gift
Bag: Gucci
Boots: M&S
Glasses: London Retro

I'm very much looking forward to the Christmas holidays- I'm going to spend the majority of the two weeks asleep I can already tell :) I'm simply exhausted desperately trying to complete my essay so I can actually enjoy my break. 

This is the year my whole family is together (as apposed to my sisters being at their in-laws and nan at my aunts) so me and Chris are already planning our board game victory dance. Articulate is our game ;) Does anyone else have traditions? like everyone crawling into my parents bed to open stockings (although its just me and them this year in the morning), or opening our presents after dinner at 5pm? Being the only time of the year we sit in our living room- and everyone moans because its so hot with a full house.

I've finally relented and brought out the stockings, and welcomed my faux furs back into normal rotation. I just love faux fur coats- or anything faux fur. Its warm, cosy and chic. Plus looks perfect with my Collectif cherry dress and big hair.

Fifties dressing is becoming my "safe place"- like I only feel comfortable when I have my clothes and hair just right. It makes me feel incredibly shallow but I feel like I'm now old enough to stop pretending I don't care how I look and just embrace my differences. Turning 25 on Tuesday didn't just bring a complete and recurring mental breakdown, I also won a pair of ticket to the Horst exhibit at the V&A from Lipstick Queen which I am claiming as a birthday day out :) plus giving me the excuse to go to the Mid Century Christmas Market.

Speak again soon.
Jodie x